周りを気にして自分の欲求を出すのを恐れている虫。 針先で獲物を突いて食べる事で生きているが、その事を知られて周りから怖がられることを恐れ、可愛らしい風船の姿に擬態している。





A insect that fears expressing its desires, wary of the surroundings. It sustains itself by puncturing prey with its needle-like tip, yet dreads being feared by others for this, so it disguises itself in the charming form of a balloon.

Creative endeavors and works don't arise from nothing; they often require some form of resources like time or money. Moreover, these elements become even more crucial for a joyful and unhindered creative process. To openly and earnestly discuss matters of time and money without fear is essential for a confident and enjoyable pursuit. Recognizing and confronting fear is necessary for this, which inspired the creation.

The balloon aspect was crafted with a focus on vibrant and cheerful colors.