An uncertain insect. This insect shows its own territory and messages to friends by applying the secretions of the back to the trees around it.
However, this insect can not decide his own mark because he is too concerned about how his mark is similar to the mark drawn
by his friends and how his mark is thought by his friends. He changed the mark, painted it, painted it forever.

Since it is a insect that also affects my mind at the time of production, I can look at myself and attach to it by making it.

I have made many works so far, but I am very afraid of being told that they look like something (or may have imitated it).
Sometimes I searched ahead of time for similar ideas. However, there was nothing good about having such a habit,
Rather, I have fallen into the tendency to create things in fear. I thought this was the end of the story.
With so many creative works, it is difficult to "not overlap" in the first place. It is also questionable whether it is something that we have to aim for.
If you look for something similar to my work, there will surely be many of them, but I think that if you continue your creative activities without shrinking, it will be easier for future generations of artists to live.
I want to do my best.